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About Us
    Tri-City Substance Abuse Center, Inc. was founded in January of 1988.  Our center provides services for the treatment and prevention of alcoholism and drug addiction and related forms of dependency through programs of public education and direct client services.  A board of directors governs the center, and it is administered by the Executive Director.  It is funded by corporate and individual gifts; modest fees for services; membership in the corporation; and the Division of Alcohol/Drugs of the Department of Mental Health of the State of Oklahoma. Tri-City Substance Abuse Center employs 5 full-time counselors that are either certified or working toward certification.
   Tri-City Substance Abuse Center, Inc. is certified by the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health.
   Individual and family fees are based on ability to pay.  Services are available to all without regard to race, creed, or national origin.
   Client confidentiality is closely maintained.
   Tri-City Substance Abuse Center, Inc.  is an Equal Opportunity employer.
   Tri-City Substance Abuse Center, Inc. is a nonprofit organization.  

Tri-City Substance Abuse Center, Inc. strongly supports Alcoholics Anonymous, Alateen, Narcotics Anonymous, Overeaters Anonymous, and Emotions Anonymous.  Clients are referred to appropriate support groups as needed.

Outpatient and Referral Services

Referral Assistance -- Assistance in making arrangements for inpatient treatment, rehabilitative training, mental health problems, and other related problems.  

Alcohol & Drug Abuse Counseling -- Individual and group counseling for victims of alcohol and drug addiction and their families.

Aftercare & Outpatient Program -- Individual and group counseling - a supportive program available to the client and family.

Adolescent Services -- Counseling, referral and aftercare services for adolescents and their families.

Adult Children of Alcoholics -- Individual and group counseling for those who have grown up in a chemically dependent environment or in a dysfunctional family.

Women's Support -- Counseling, referral, and aftercare services designed to meet the needs of women.

Client & Community Education -- Classes that provide the basic information about the medical and psychological aspects of addiction.

10 and 24 Hour DUI School -- State certified schools provide education in the use and abuse of alcohol and drugs in relation to driving, introducing the concepts of alcoholism as a disease and offering information on legal aspects of drinking and driving.

DUI Assessments -- Agency is certified to provide services for DUI Assessment required by the Department of Public Safety.  As of September 1, 1993, this assessment is a requirement following a conviction/plea of guilty or nolo contendere to a variety of alcohol related driving offenses.

Drug Court & Community Sentencing -- Individual and group counseling services to Drug Court & Community Sentencing participants and their families.

Other Related Services -- Referral for emergency care; assistance with school-, job-, and court-related problems; marital counseling and intervention education.